Retire to the Farm is a record of the different uses available to occupy, in a financially profitable way, the family farm that my grandparents and parents have cared for these many, many years.

I’ve not been a farmer in my adult life.  I’ve spent my career in the corporate world living in several regions of the United States.  I’ve lived in cities and suburbia.  Now, at what I suppose is the last chapter of my work life, I intend to return to our farm and, in some manner, work it.  This will be a labor of love and renewal.

I know others share this dream and they don’t have to be approaching retirement to have such a goal.  A land stewardship aspiration can be in the heart of anyone whether they already have the farm, are searching for a property or just want to put that farming goal to use on an urban property.  It can be done!  We’ll explore those options here.